Friday, June 6, 2008

running, mirages and hip hop

decided to give running outside another shot.  this time i went at 9am...started off fine, running along the wall where i had some shade...after 1/2 mile, i was in straight up desert, and it was miserable.  today it was more like a sauna, 105+ and humid.  my pace slowed down significantly.  i looked behind and thought i saw someone chasing about 1/4 mile to the turnaround and thought i saw the person approaching...after about a minute, the person disappeared.  i consider that my first mirage...4 miles in the felt like i finished a marathon.  i was spent.
tonight, they're pulling out all the stops to cool down this hot arabian night.  first, we've got swiss (aka salisbury) steak for dinner.  then, to top off the evening, we've got a rapper coming in from downtown....i'm not going to give his name, or review it tomorrow, out of fear that he belongs to some radical sunni muslim crip sect, and one of his leader's will put a fatwa on me.  it would be especially bad if he found out that i swore my allegiance to the bloods in '93 thanks to my roommate jp--ifg for life dawg!  also, i'm down with the shia, like my homeboy nuri al-maliki.
i'm not sure what he's going to rap about...i was listening to some old school rap during my run in order to gear up for this event.
first song i played was nwa's 'f**k the police'...will tonight's rapper really say 'f**k the mutaween'?  that's a surefire way to land in jail.
i also listened to public enemy's 'fight the power'...will he say 'fight the emir'?  again, another way to go to jail.
this is probably going to be rap of the 'hip hop you don't stop...everybody say ho!' type of rap, i'm sure.
or even worse, it will be muslim rap...the middle east's answer to the abomination that is christian rap.
i'm getting excited...let the okay times roll!

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