Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Does anyone believe this crap?  Probably so, considering all the morons forwarding the 'Obama is a terrorist' e-mail.  They'll continue to do this shit until November, just like in 2006.  Hopefully Olbermann saw this one, and will give another rant like he did then.  Of course, Fox News is the news of choice out here...we get Al Jazeera too, but the only place I can watch that is in the office.  I get to hear Hannity rant about Obama being an extremist every morning while I eat my stuff.  However, it is funny to see the Fox News crowd pull for Hillary.

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Ryan said...

Yeah, don't get excited.

Mom shut down our Earthlink which terminated my internets.

I'm heading out Cali-fornee-way to look for some.

Until the next time, my email is

Good luck with your bowel cleansing.