Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Optimum Zen

I was having trouble finding good fiber out here. So, that was the 2nd thing I asked Sonya to send...included with the good coffee. I asked for fiber, and she delivered...I've now got a closet full of fiber, probably enough to last my entire time here. The best thing so far is this Optimum Zen cereal. It packs a wallop with 9g of fiber per serving. It's very lightly sweetened and has dried up cranberries in it. Normally I don't like the sweet stuff, nor do I like dried up fruit in my cereal, but this stuff is good. It does the job too, countering the effects of all the bad food out here...flushes it right out.


sonya said...

did I send you the ones with bananas in it too? the "recovery" cereal? Carter said, "he can REALLY poop big bananas now"--which is why I bought it. once they started running around the store screaming about pooping bananas, I felt I had no other choice.

Louis Winthorpe III said...

That Carter is precocious, isn't he?!

So have you given any books from the reading list I sent you?

Keith said...

Well, I guess the children do take after you Sonya after all -- Whose children but yours would run around the store screaming about pooping bananas?