Friday, May 23, 2008


Not much on the TV out here when I get a chance to watch...usually flipping between Al Jazeera and Fox News in order to stay fair and balanced.  I turn off the Al Jazeera when they play that damn fistula commercial.
Thankfully we have the R. Kelly Trial to keep me entertained.  There's some good coverage in Slate.  Sounds like R. Kelly's got a great attorney.  On day 2 he asks a witness: ""You can't tell by looking at a person's vagina how old they are, can you?"   and tries to use a Wayan's brother film scenario in R's defense.


Keith said...

I think you're better off sticking with your magazines strap.

As for age of a vagina?!? Well, it ages like any other body part -- enough said.

sonya said...

did you read that article, Keith? it's full of quotables. I can not believe the "Shaggy" defense. can't wait to see how this one comes out.

Keith said...

I read part of it, and am basing a large part of it on my own vagina experience, I mean the vagina like any sexual organ changes with age, but then we'll see, this lawyer stuff afer all.

But, my suggestion was that strap stick the the semi-homoerotic naked chest magazines -- safer by far than the stuff in that article, and less disturbing!

Strap said...

if we can use carbon dating to determine the age of fossils, one would assume we could determine the age of a vagina....the technology is out there.