Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hofbrau Munchen Munchner Weisse

This is not a bad beer. Had I been at home, I'd give it a B+, so that's the grade that will stand for reviewing purposes. However, I'm in a very hot place, where the beer choices are is the daily allowable intake. With those factors under consideration, this beer is an A+++. When you stack it up to Bud Light, Coors Light and Heineken, there's no comparison. It's a typical Hefeweizen, very cool, very refreshing. Definitely hits the spot when it's 95 degrees and 8pm.

So, with a grade of B+, and a cost of $4/bottle, the PQ=13.


Louis Winthorpe III said...

I've had that one before... very decent beer.

sonya said...

I had another Heineken Light (Marie brought it over) tonight... I'm not complaining.

Anonymous said...

how many are you allowed each day??