Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Up at 5:45 am for no reason. No work again today, probably won't work tomorrow...maybe Thursday.

The Washington Post named the impending storm, "Snoverkill." I voted for Snowzilla. I'm still upset Snowpocalypse 2: Electric Boogaloo didn't win last time.

I like snow...love snow. Just wished that it would snow a couple feet one day, I take the kids out to play the next, then it melts that night...and the ground completely dries out. If I got a day off work, that would be a bonus.

Snoverkill is going to dump 8-16" on us according to The Post. NWS is saying 10-20". Accuweather (which is an oxymoron) is predicting a very precise 7.1". Although those are all significant numbers and a big storm by DC standards, they seem small after a Snowpocalypse and Snowmageddon.

To say we've got cabin fever is an understatement. Finished this jigsaw puzzle in no time.

After my effort to get the Lemond running last week, it's sucked that I haven't had a chance to ride it. So, I sent up the trainer and rode for an hour. Things have to be bad for me to ride an indoor trainer.

The trainer is about as satisfying as light beer, so after I got my workout, I had to go outside for a spin. Rode up to Safeway to get a few more groceries in preparation for Snoverkill. Was surprised to find so many people driving. The roads are still shitty and covered in ice/slush/snow/water/ruts. I saw small patches of pavement. I slipped in a rut on a normally busy road...luckily I was sprawled out on the pavement during a slow period. Cars don't cut cyclists any slack here, even during icy conditions. Loaded up my backpack with a few provisions...luckily we didn't need toilet paper or milk, as they were already sold out...and headed back on some residential roads. Dealt with more snow and rougher roads, but less cars made it worth it.

So the snow was beautiful.

And these snow mountains created by Mr. Plow are pretty cool.

But it's time for this to end. My guess is that the melt won't be complete until sometime in March...according to the long range forecast, we won't see 40 degrees until next Thursday.

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