Monday, February 22, 2010

Joys of Working in the City

Last time I lived here, didn't spend much time in the city on a daily basis.  I've been riding the metro since Snowmageddon...usually it's uneventful, but some days are a little more exciting than others.  Today was one of those days.
1) At the metro station, I see the cyborg guy again.  This time he's getting off the train when I'm getting on...he mumbles something about cyborgs again.  Too bad I didn't stick around to get some more info.
2) I learned that the "stand back, doors closing" warning is no-joke.  Saw a small woman get stuck halfway through the door.  She couldn't wiggle herself free.  Just as I was going to pull her free, the doors open and the conductor gives a stern warning over the PA system.
3) Walking to lunch, I see the same guy that's always sitting in front of Starbucks.  He makes a different gesture at me every day and silently mouths something.  Dude is there every day.
4) Walking back from lunch, I'm stopped by a guy wearing a marine corps stocking hat.  He asks me if I'm Air Force, promptly salutes and said "they couldn't get Cheney, 'cause he was on an Air Force base"...he seemed genuinely happy about the fact that "they couldn't get Cheney".  He told me that 3 times, and said it again as I walked off.  I couldn't tell if he liked Cheney, or he was proud of the Air Force.  I really don't know what he meant. 
There's some good melting going on today...hope to be back on the bike tomorrow.

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