Saturday, March 15, 2008


My Saturday morning routine:

1) Wake-up 1.5hrs prior to departure for bike ride
2) Make coffee
3) Eat breakfast (bagel or yogurt w/ flax & wheat germ)
4) Pack bike gear
5) Poop
6) Put on bike clothes
7) Finish coffee
8) Air in bike tires
9) Drive/ride to designated meeting area for ride

That's been my routine for the past 9 months...rarely have I done anything different. ...until today:

1) Overslept, waking up 45 minutes prior to departure...had to compress routine
2) Couldn't find a matching pair of socks
3) Put on bike clothes
4) Made coffee
5) Ate
6) Went to poop, but realized toilet was clogged
7) Went to get plunger which is stored outside behind a gate along with our a/c
8) Discovered the gate was rusted shut
9) Desire to poop became unbearable
10) Decided that I couldn't make it to Burger King for its bathroom, so I had to climb
11) Started climbing fence, realized that I could hurt myself
12) Internal debate on whether I'd poop my pants if I fell
13) Decided pooping pants was reasonable in the event of a fall
14) Safely made it over to retrieve plunger
15) Ran to bathroom, quickly plunged
16) Tossed plunger out the back door
17) Pooped
18) Finished Coffee
19) Rode

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