Friday, March 14, 2008

0 for 2

We're not a boating family.

Gave Carter several options on how to spend this morning...everything from boating to me ending my boycott of the water park. He chose a short 1 hour kayak trip at Hickam "Machine" Beach. I should've known why, since there are candy vending machines at Machine Beach. The trip was doomed from the start. He was more focused on getting candy rather than getting in the kayak. As I sit him in the kayak and begin to launch off on our slow ride in calm waters, he wanted to jump out and play in the sand with his candy. I did convince him to go on a short ride, but for most of the ride, I had to keep the boat facing the shore...after about 10 minutes of riding away from the beach he was done, so we headed back to play our standard game of dig a deep hole in the sand.

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