Saturday, March 29, 2008

Routine disrupted

As a refresher, my normal Saturday routine

My Saturday morning routine:

1) Wake-up 1.5hrs prior to departure for bike ride
2) Make coffee
3) Eat breakfast (bagel or yogurt w/ flax & wheat germ)
4) Pack bike gear
5) Poop
6) Put on bike clothes
7) Finish coffee
8) Air in bike tires
9) Drive/ride to designated meeting area for ride

When this happens, I'm's how today went:

1) Woke up at 2:30 am
2) Made coffee
3) Ate a bagel
4) Strung lights on my bike and reflective material on backpack
5) Wished I could poop, but remembered it was only 3:00 am
6) Showered/Shaved
7) Pooped
8) 3rd world toilet clogged
9) Plunged
10) Got on bike, hoping i wouldn't die, since i was commuting during peak drunk driver hours
11) Got to Navy base for work
12) Realized I didn't have shit to do, 'cause the Navy guys want all the glory
13) Remembered why I don't like the Navy
14) Started searching for coffee, only to find some weak Folgers
15) Drank Folgers...have flashbacks of previous work with Navy and last time I drank Folgers
16) Remembered why I hated Navy
17) Got off shift at 10:00...after 6 hours of doing nothing
18) Biked up Aiea Hts twice, harrassed by punks on skateboard 4 times
19) Came home, ate, slept 3 hours
20) Spent remaining 9 hours wishing I slept longer
21) Blogged about what a shitty day I had, and depressed about the shitty week ahead
22) Dreading the 9:30 pm ride to work...and 12 hours of Navy life that follows...


Louis Winthorpe III said...

Wow, Strap, you were actually drinking non-yuppie coffee. It must have been a blue moon...

Yes, having spent FOUR YEARS in Navy exercises, I have to agree that they are more painful than Air Force exercises.

The Navy is quite possibly the least "free market" of the services. The Air Force is definitely the most corporate. The problem with the Navy, is that it is probably the most bureaucratic of the services, a slave to tradition, and resistant to new ideas. Not that there isn't any of those things in the Air Force; but as the newest service, the AF never had any tradition and was therefore never a slave to tradition.

It's really funny, because military officers tend to be politically conservative. And yet, you will see many a Navy O-6 defend what essentially amounts to socialist policy within the military. Well, I guess I should take comfort in the facct that as irritating as some things can be within the military, the US military is better than any other military on the planet...

Ryan Lindsey said...

Hey, if it means anything, I read your blog.

Jon said...

I read it too, hippie. Good thing you're not deploying to fill some army billet. they're way worse than navy.

Louis Winthorpe III said...

It's too bad your counter is no longer working, Strap.

Strap said...

i've done a lot more working with the army...can't say i like they're style either, but find it better than the feudalistic society the Navy embodies.

Strap said...

my counter isn't viewable to the public...not sure how to make it work. google does some good trending with its web analysis tools.

Louis Winthorpe III said...

Happy Birthday to Jack!!

and Happy April Fools' Day!!

Drink some SN PA for Jack for me...

Louis Winthorpe III said...

Wow, Strap. I don't think you've ever left your blog unattended for this long!

Strap said...

terminal fury...ends soon. i'll be back.