Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sam Adams--Old Fezziwig Ale

This one came out of the Sam Adams Winter Classics variety pack. Picked this one up from Costco for $22.99 + $1.44 HI beverage deposit for a case. That's a PPO of $.0848. Not bad for a case of beer out in HI.

As you can see this is a dark ale. It's only available around Christmas time, no big surprise as it takes its name from some gimmicky Dickens' character. This is definitely a Christmas beer, and not one you'd really want to drink year round. The alcohol content is a little higher than your standard Sam Adams, weighing in at 5.9%. Its distinct flavor comes from the cinnamon, orange and ginger additives. These additives leave a burning sensation on the lips.

This is a good beer. It's spicy and strong, good for cold winter nights. Honestly, Christmas beer just doesn't feel right in Hawaii. I'm not looking for a drink to "warm me up". Still, can't deny this is good, so I turned down the A/C to help get me in the mood. Overall Grade: A-


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