Friday, January 11, 2008

King in a Can and Sam Adams Winter

This is an update to my post on King in a Can. Sonya bought some Bud Heavy this week. At $5.20 a six-pack, the price was a bit high. With it's grade of B, this purchase had a PQ=41.5. That's pretty good, and the PQ will only go up as the price goes down. My first tasting of Bud Heavy was no fluke, this stuff is a solid B...a good all-purpose beer. Note that I did not photograph in a glass. You never pour your Bud Heavy...that's a diss to the King.

I also had a Sam Adams Winter Lager. As always, a quality beer from the folks out of Boston. I think this is the best of the variety pack, and this ranks right up there with the Sam Adams Octoberfest as one of their better brews.
Overall Grade: A


Keith said...

Interesting the Oktoberfest was not my favorite of their beers. Can't remember if I tried the winter one or not.

Strap said...

Oktoberfest is the only one I buy by the case.

Sonya said...

Coors Non-Alcoholic is really growing on me. although, I splurged on St. Pauli's NA and have not been disappointed. I like that I can still read a book after 3 or 4 beers.