Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sam Adams Cranberry Lambic

This is a style of beer that I'm not too familiar with. I've had a few Lambics, but never seek them out. I'm also not a huge fan of brewing with fruit, although I'm open to try those beers. I could definitely taste the cranberries here, and there was little doubt this is a wheat beer. Not bad. It's worth trying again.

Overall Grade: B-
PQ = 38.7


Keith said...

Lambics are not necessarily brewed with fruit; they are from a specific region of Belgium and left to ferment from ambient yeasts, or spontaneously occurring ones, rather than cultivated yeasts -- that is the specific thing tht sets them apart types of beers.

Strap said...

right...not sure why they chose to brew with cranberries. you can definitely taste them.

Keith said...

Well there are several where it is added -- is it Lindemans? or something like it that has several fruit flavored limbics, including framboise (rasberry) and peche (peach), so probably aimed along those lines, but I think the fruit is usually added after the primary fermentation or something like that.

Strap said...

not sure how they do it for the lambic, but you can put the fruit in a sparging bag, and steep with the wort. I wouldn't actually leave chunks of brew in there for fermentation as it would add an extra step of filtration.

I'm not sure I'd ever brew with fruit, since I only drink it as a novelty.