Saturday, November 22, 2008

Engineering Marvels

Had some heavy rain this morning.
Our custom redneck covered lanai has become stressed by 2 years of rain. Today it almost gave way. Being a former engineering major, I put my expertise to work, taking quick actions to save the lanai.

The rain continued throughout the day, and the rake/repair stand combo performed remarkably.

Had planned to ride, but for the 30th straight Saturday, it wasn't in the cards. Once the rain's over and after I do this trail running race in 2 weeks, will get around to a Saturday ride. Not much to do on a rainy day in Hawaii, so decided to go to Whole Foods to pick up some beeer. Apparently everyone in Oahu shops on rainy days, as the roads and the store were crowded. My car was lost in a sea of Prius's in the parking lot.

I got 4 new beers, and a "microbrewed" cola. This is Virgil's Real Cola. At $2.39 a pop, this natural caffeine free cola ain't cheap. It was pretty A on my cola scale, but at $.20/oz, I doubt I'll buy again. PQ=20

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