Monday, November 24, 2008

Bikini Blonde Lager

This is one of Maui Brewing Co's offerings. I went to pick up a 6-pack sampler, but none were available. I tried the IPA and Porter draft last week, so I opted for the lager. Good stuff...strong on the hops, refreshing like a lager should be...fairly light, goes down smooth. I give it an A-. The stuff is pricey. I'm not sure why most of the local brews are more expensive than beers from the mainland. This one was $9.99/six pack. Not quite worth that kind of money. PQ=26.7

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Louis Winthorpe III said...

Aren't all local brews more expensive because they think they don't have scale of economy and they know that they can charge you more?

Happy Birthday to Sonya!