Friday, November 28, 2008

2 Aussie Beers

Yesterday tried Boag's Premium Lager and Cooper's Pale Ale. I probably tried these in Australia, but that was 7 years ago...I probably liked them then, a lot. I was just coming off my Bud Light phase, and was living in Korea drinking massive amounts of Cass and OB. Needless to say, I didn't appreciate good beer at the time.

These beers aren't bad. Not particularly good either.

Boag's Lager tastes like a watered down American Lager. It's better than a Natty Light, or most any light beer...yet it's nowhere comparable to the King in a Can. It's a C.

Cooper's Pale Ale seemed watered down as well. It was weak on the hops and didn't taste like a pale ale should. Had they called it something different, like Cooper's Beer, I probably would have a different opinion of the beer. It went down smooth and had a decent taste otherwise...just wasn't what I was expecting when looking at the label. This was marketed as a beer drinker's beer, with label captions discussing bottle conditioning, fermentation, sediment, etc. I expected a lot, but was let down. Still, it's a B-.

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