Thursday, November 13, 2008

Budweiser American Ale

After trying the craft beers Anheuser Busch put out under their Michelob label, I had very low expectations for the American Ale. Saw it in the local Korean grocery store last week, looking for something that would go well with Kalbi. The romance of Korean beer has gone away, and I'm no longer trying to re-live my mid-20s and the days of multiple large pitchers of Cass on Saturday afternoons at Geckos. What I did discover is that the Korean grocery has a good selection of beer at some of the best prices around. I picked up a six pack of the GB Czech Pilsner for $1 less/six pack than the Navy Exchange offers, and I found this sixer of American Ale. No one seemed to know the price for this beer, so they charged me $8.29/six pack. I've since seen it for $8.99 elsewhere, so once again, I'm happy with the prices at Waimulu Market.

Budweiser did a good job with this one. It's a pleasant surprise, and tasted better than I remember the Michelob Pale Ale. Hoppy, clean, good taste. I really couldn't find any flaws. It's worth drinking again. It's an A-, PQ=32.1.

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