Monday, November 12, 2007


Been training for the Honolulu Marathon. Today was my longest run thus far, a 20 miler. For me, runs of this nature take lots of mental and physical preparation...on the mental side, it's a simple question of motivation. I need to come up with a plan to get myself out of bed in the morning, and pick a route that will keep me going. I mapped out a route off of Hickam AFB, so I was excited to finally run a new route off base. Of course, off base I don't have the same luxuries as running on base...frequent water fountains, and places to stash energy gels and anything else I may need. So, I had to gear up for this run. On the physical side, aside from the obvious...stretching , good night's rest, etc. Then, since I never went ahead with this procedure, had to apply lots of body glide.

After gearing up, I finaly realized I have grown up to be the tool I always despised. If you told me back in say 1998 that I'd be geared up like this to go for a run, I would've pre-emptively kicked my own ass. My first run EVER was in '93, prepping for the ROTC PT test. I never ever ran in anything other than a cotton t-shirt, shorts and cross-trainer way in hell I'd buy any clothing (to include shoes) specific for running. In a short time, I did get pretty fast...under 6:00 for a mile and could take the 1.5 mile run in as low as 9 minutes. But that was it, never ran much further...didn't need to. After college, I gave up running altogether. No need for it. I did pretend like I was a runner a few times...went on a couple of Hash runs in Korea, but realized I was better at the drinking aspect of Hash running, and felt that area needed my undivided attention. When I met Sonya, she asked me if I wanted to do a half-marathon...I said I was a runner, but in fact this was my first race ever. I was hanging tough for about 6 miles, then reality set in...I was passed by Koreans in blue jeans, Koreans smoking cigarettes, wearing high heels, etc. I experienced my first nipple chafing.

Started running again in took 3 years, but here's how I've evolved.

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