Monday, November 5, 2007

Sprinkler Update

Huge rainstorm entered the islands Saturday night. Parts of Oahu received over 10 inches of rain. My little area probably got about 7 inches spread over the past 2 days. This finally caused most of the folks in my neighborhood to lay off the sprinklers. But, as always, Hickam AFB has ignored its own water policy. I went for a run this morning, started off by driving to the gym (it was still raining). I noticed sprinklers operating at 4:30 am. Ran the first 7 miles on the treadmill...A/C was off, so it got unbearable. I finished the run outside since the rain had let up for a bit. Sure enough, the base was running sprinklers in all the common areas.

I understand these things are on timers, but can't they just shut them off when it's raining? And why do we need to open up the fire hydrants in the middle of the day to water a seldom viewed piece of land? This base wastes way too much water, for no good reason.

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