Thursday, November 22, 2007


Had a great day...woke up this morning and did an easy 45 mile ride with the HACC. It was a nice casual ride for the most part, with a couple of short climbs and good sprints at the end, just to get the heart rate up and burn a few extra calories. That was necessary for the binge today. We dropped off some pork last night to be cooked in an imu for some phenomenal Kalua Pig. Of all the Hawaiian cuisine, Kalua Pig is hands down the best....we've got enough of this stuff to last a couple of weeks, so I"m looking forward to Kalua Pig Nachos, Burritos and anything else I can make with this stuff. Also made some kickass potatoes I saw on Emeril. Oh yeah, don't forget the beer and wine...too much of that. Tomorrow's run is going to suck.

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