Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black Friday

Woke up yesterday pretty early and turned on the news. Yesterday was one of the most patriotic days of the year, Black Friday. (Like Bush said after 9/11...patriotic Americans need to get out and shop, or the terrorists will win) Each year, the real heroes due their part for the global war on terrorism and get up at the crack of dawn...some make real sacrifices and camp out up to 2 days prior....all in the name of defeating Bin Laden.

It's usually the same story every year...cabbage patch, tickle me elmo, xbox. Everyone's gotta be the first to get one. The local news team was out in full force, with on the spot reporters filing frequent reports from Toys R Us and Best Buy. Some interviewees began their quest to defeat terrorism on Wednesday night. Others were late to the game and were disappointed by the 30 person line at Best Buy on Thursday night...I guess they were afraid the 30 folks would buy out the store, so they moved to Toys R Us or COMPUSA to be #1 in line. I'm not sure what you get for being #1 in line...everyone wants to be #1 at something. Being #1 guarantees you an interview with the local news reporter, who looks at these line leaders with great reverence.

I think the Canadian Mennonites have it right...but they must be pro-terrorist.


Keith said...

Ahem, strap, patriotic I fear would be to buy nothing -- haven't we um, borrowed to the hilt and then some, which doesn't help our national interests, GW aside.

Interestingly the BBC had an article recently on the Europeans flocking to NY, well mainly NY, for their Christmas shopping due to the price/exchange rate difference.

Anyway besides affecting travel, I don't give that much of a fuck as to where the dollar goes -- well I do like to travel! And honestly a weak dollar provides some of the discipline that we lack. Honestly I don't think politician, current president or the candidates is really looking at what they need to do to make a country prepared to face the future.

Strap said...

do you mean the President and our corporately controlled media are leading us astray?

Keith said...

You could say so.