Sunday, November 15, 2009

Richmond Marathon

Ran the Richmond Marathon yesterday. Nice course, well-supported, perfect running conditions. Was running strong for the first half, steadily moving towards a better than 3:40 finish....then went over a bridge at mile 15 that was windy and cold. It sucked the life out of me. Briefly picked it up again after the bridge, motivated by the sounds of a DJ scratching up some records for a fly MC at mile 17. Slowed down again. Picked it up at mile 20, when the 3:45 pace group went passed me. Managed to keep running albeit a little slower and finish at 8-minute improvement over my last marathon. Although I slowed down over the last 10K, this wasn't as bad as the last 2 marathons where I was cramping and struggling to the end ensuring days of hobbling and pain. I'm only hobbling a little today.

Sonya was the fan of the day with her cowbell.

The photo of the guy with the tutu was on the camera prior to the photos of, I take it this guy beat me. Nice.

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