Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ommegang & Bacon Bar

It's a rainy day, so I could thing of nothing better to do than go beer shopping. At last weekend's race, Ommegang Brewery was one of the sponsors, so I got to try a couple of their Abbey Ales on draft...A+ beer. So, today I picked up one of each Ommegang variety I could find. Also, since I saw it available, I picked up another bottle of the Sierra Nevada Harvest.

Louis Winthorpe was with me on this trip to Wegman's. He loves bacon and chocolate. My philosophy is that when you mix two of your favorite food items, you either have a synergistic effect of creating a mind-blowing dish, or you get a sort of negative synergy (what's the opposite of synergy?) that creates one of the vilest sustance known to man. I call it the Strawberry Quik effect. Sonya purchased some Apricot Stilton last week, under the premise that she was expecting some sort of magical cheese-fruit synergy. Instead, we got something that tasted like a sugar-covered gym sock. See my review of the Bourbon Ale for more on this idea.

Needless to say, bacon-chocolate tasted awful..sort of smoky, too damn salty, and a bit chocolatey. When bacon fell into the cholocate at the Vasges plant, it was not the same magic that happened at Reese's when chocolate fell into the peanut butter.

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