Saturday, November 7, 2009

NYC Marathon

Sonya was lucky enough to have her lottery number picked for the NYC Marathon. I got to sit the sidelines this weekend and hang out in NY.

The day before the race we went out for beers at the Pig & Whistle with the Pope. The Pope told Sonya to go to confession. So we went to St. Patrick's Cathedral where she confessed and got a "special runner's blessing." It's been awhile since she's been to confession, so I was amazed that it only took 30 seconds for her to be absolved of all sin.
I got a good spot in Brooklyn to watch the early parts of the race. Here are the lead women at mile 8 with Paula Radcliffe in the lead. They were moving. I tried to get a second close-up shot, but they were gone.

I did some more walking and subwaying, then saw Sonya again in Manhattan at mile 16. I was slow on the camera, so no shots of her...I then moved to Central Park at mile 25. Tracking her on the iPhone, I knew almost exactly when she'd cross my spot but again I suck with the camera. She crossed the line at a fast 3:50...I guess that confessing and blessing did some good. Pressure is on me in Richmond next week.

While we were in the city, Sonya found a new club to join.

...and I tried to meet O'Reilly, Hannity, and Beck.


Jon said...

glad to see you're taking all my subtle hints seriously, Rove and Rummy

Strap said...

that's where we got advice on putting the V12 in the Prius.