Sunday, November 22, 2009

$60 six pack

Ever wondered what a $60 six-pack looked like? This is 1/6th of it...The Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA. I'd been wanting to try this for awhile, but wasn't willing to pay the $10 for a 12 oz. bottle. When I heard that Dogfish Head was going to be offering samples at the Alexandria Whole Foods, I headed over hoping to try their collaborative effort with Sierra Nevada (Life and Limb). I inquired about the Life and Limb and found out that Whole Foods was taking a list of all that want the beer. Apparently it's brewed in limited quantities and there's quite the demand. Anyhow, I went ahead and sampled the rest of the Dogfish offerings...all of which I had tried before except the 120 minute IPA. At 18% alcohol by volume, no other beer in the world packs quite the punch (or so they claim). You'd think that it would have an unbearable alcohol taste at that level, but it's far from it, nor does it have the hoppiness of a normal IPA. It's actually quite sweet and very drinkable....a mighty fine brew. The Dogfish man says it ages well, so Sonya picked up a bottle to save for a special occasion. Her plan is to drink it after the National Marathon in March.
As for Life and Limb, I'm now on the search for this Holy Grail. I hit up another Whole Foods today in Fairfax as well as Wegmans and a Total Wine and More. Still no luck.

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