Friday, October 31, 2008

trip home

so, i've made some progress on the trip home.  after 30+ hours of traveling, i'm in an Intercontinental hotel in frankfurt, germany.  our pilot contracted diarrhea somewhere between italy and germany.  it must've been the bologna sandwiches we were served up in cyprus.  his little bout with the shits is costing the government dearly, and causing a lot of people to not make it home on time.  way to go.

at least the hotel is a nice place, where i can get some good sleep...sleeping in passenger terminals and on planes is killing my back.

the hotel's nice.  i'm sitting in the lobby sipping on a Schoffenhofer Heffeweizen, surfing the free wireless, listening to some cheesy euro-techno, watching all the young troops get trashed.  i'm keeping it at 2 beers, out of habit. also tried the Radeberger Pilsner.  both beers were good, true to their styles....a little pricy at 6.5 euros at 10 bucks for .5 liters, that's a low PQ.  i don't have a euro/metric PQ, and am too tired to calculate...i give both of the beers A's.

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