Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hollandia Malt

Hollandia Malt NA.  This one looks considerably better than the Efes NAs.  Hollandia is brewed in the Netherlands by Bavaria, who according to the can have been around since 1758.  I doubt they've been brewing NAs for Arab countries since then, but at least they've been in the beer game for awhile.
Unlike the other NAs I've had recently, this one lists Hop Extract as an ingredient...hopefully that means this one will taste more like beer.
Smells like NA.
Taste is NAish, but drinkable.  I think it's pretty similar to the Bavaria NA I was drinking back in the summer.  This is a lot better than the Efes. I may even make it through the entire can.
Only 1 week until my replacement gets here.  I've got 3 NAs remaining in the fridge....2 of which are fruity NAs.