Monday, October 27, 2008

cost benefit analysis

Time = Money
Since I'm doing nothing but awaiting transportation, or put simply, wasting time, I'm wasting money.
I'm paid $358/day...multiply that by 5 days = $1790
Commercial airline ticket from mainland to Honolulu: $1174
Room on the mainland, since I have to spend the night to catch my commercial flight to HNL: $172
Total Cost:  $3136 (neglects a few other expenses, such as feeding me at my current location and the cost of the contract airline that will take me to the mainland...I will ignore the cost of the contract airline, as it has already been paid.  Had it not been paid, savings would've been even higher.)'s cost for an airline ticket directly from my current location to HNL on Oct 27:  $804
Had they allowed me to buy the Expedia ticket, I could've saved the man at least $2332
There's no guarantee that I'll make it to the contract flight.  Bureaucracy will move even slower to buy me a commercial ticket.  In that event, waste will grow by $358/day.
Yes, there are other considerations.  However, none pass the common sense test. 

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