Sunday, September 14, 2008

shooting stimpy

i'm finding new ways to kill time new find is MS Excel based games.  over the past couple days, i've been "shooting stimpies" addictive game where ren shoots stimpy out of a cannon, and you hope he bounces a long distance.  there are various aids to help him bounce further.  you'd say this is all luck, as the bouncing aids are placed randomly on the course.  however, there's some strategary involved, as the programmer added a variable known as "fart-power" have to strategically use your one start-up fart to give stimpy that added boost.   you can pick up more farts along the course by landing on cans of powdered toast, but you must use them wisely. 
my record is 2540ft, leading all the local stimpy shooters...this particular game wasn't that good, as i lit the fart off too early, sending stimpy into a pile of kitty litter at 261ft.
38 days left

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Louis Winthorpe III said...

More proof the military is not managing its manning levels properly in wartime ...