Monday, September 22, 2008

beef porcupines

finally broke down and tried one of the f'd up dishes at the chow hall...beef porcupines.  google it.  it's a dish for kids containing hamburger meat and rice.  when cooked, the rice sticks out the sides, making the ball o' meat look like a porcupine.  kids love that.  unfortunately, i'm not a kid.  i'm an adult.  unfortunately, there were no other options today...i could've done PB&J, but the bread's been especially bad lately--falls apart as a try to apply the PB.  after weeks of eating either PB&J or tuna sandwiches, I needed some variety.  porcupines provided that variety.  here it is accompanied by squash's the squash covered in orange and white stuff.  the porcupine is covered in a sauce that reminds me of spaghetti-o broth....and that's what this tasted like, spaghetti-o's with rice replacing the noodles.  the squash casserole did have a mushy-squash and white flavor.  i can't describe it...somewhat creamy, somewhat chunky. 
about 15 minutes after the meal, the porcupine got my stomach. 
i've resisted the porcupines for 5's a slippery slope. porcupines lead to frozen pizza pucks which lead to thousand-island-shrimp salad, which leads salisbury steak, and corn dogs for breakfast.
32 days to go.

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sonya said...

Carter, Jack and I are busy planning your post-deployment transition menu. they think you need lots of candy and gum (and stickers) and I'm stocking up on recipes with seafood, imported cheeses and every fresh herb/vegetable on the island. I expect the detoxification to take several weeks. perhaps even months. drink a lot of's your only hope out there. flush that shit out.