Monday, September 15, 2008

don't look if you're easily offended

this is the bathroom at work.
yesterday, the urinals flooded all over the floor.  someone walked inside, tracking mud the floor's pretty nasty.  most have ignored the "out of order" sign posted above the urinals, and the stench is worse than usual.  the fan in the bathroom doesn't work, so there's no airflow in the room. 
it was probably the same guy that's posting his artwork and witticisms all over the door of stall #2.  i do have to admit, i'm learning a lot from his writing. 
i didn't take photos inside the stall...thought i'd spare everyone of that.

1 comment:

sonya said...

"adios turdnuggets"?

turd nuggets? is that something anyone else has heard before?
and that IS a veiny, hairy triumphant masterpiece next to it.

you need to come home. buy your own ticket.