Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Calendar

Today I got a Thirteen Moon Peace Calendar for the White Lunar Wizard Year. I ordered the calendar from the Foundation for the Law of Time last November, or shall I say during the Overtone Moon (totem animal: Peacock). These are fairly popular, as they have been out of stock for the past 5 months. Yes, the calendar is almost all the way through the year, but still has some use. (It starts in July, or the Magnetic Moon, totem animal: bat). Now I have the benefits of a 13 moon/28-day calendar that is a perfection of harmony that reflects and is synchronized by the synchronic order...a purely fourth-dimensional order of reality.

The calendar is full of good info and tells me how to cast the daily code spell and provides details on the tones and radial plasmas of the body.


Jon said...

never have I read something that so drips with idiocy, screams to be mocked. It's almost like I'm being led into a trap, like when Chewbacca grabs that conspicuous enormous meatball hanging in the forest of endor. Well, I'm no wookie- I'm not taking your bait, stinky hippie.

Strap said...

you need to break out of the solar-calendar masculine mindset...don't worry, I ordered a calendar for you as well.

Louis Winthorpe III said...

Watch out, Jon! Captain Crunch here has some hippie propaganda coming your way!