Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Ok...when you're deployed, you usually get nice "I miss you daddy" kind of videos sent to you.'s what mine have to say.

Any suggestions on how to correct this behavior? Please send to Sonya at

Any criticisms of their behavior or bad parenting? Please send to my brother, Ryan at


Louis Winthorpe III said...

I vote for the swear jar.

sonya said...

I think it'd be better if Steve just punched me in the face every time I slip up. money in a jar? probably not strong enough for someone with a mouth like mine.

Louis Winthorpe III said...

Actually, it's not that hard to stop swearing if you make a concerted effort. If you really want to stop swearing, you can get it out of your system in a couple of weeks.

Jon said...

Sock 'er in the Jib, Strap! Oh wait, you're gone. Buddy, you say the word and I will be glad to stop by your house every day after work and punch your wife right in the face. We'll do it right in the front yard so the neighbors stop swearing too- your next door pal will probably even be kind enough to offer me some unsolicited advice on technique.

Louis Winthorpe III said...

So how did Carter go from being "Little Dr. Phil" to this?!

sonya said...

"when Ronnie K says fuckdamnitshit, it makes ME want to say fuckdamnitshit, mommy..."
that's how. last week he was calling me a chink. so was Jack--they were screaming it, in fact, as I was walking down the street.

Jon said...

I can come by and punch Ronnie K as well.

sonya said...

oh Jon, who are we all kidding? you know I'd kick your ass if you came over here and punched me in the face. I am now strengthened with the obscene physical prowess that comes with loneliness and heartache.

gibshad said...

I guess I shouldn't be too upset about Ronnie K teaching Gibson to say "shut up" and "butt truck."

Louis Winthorpe III said...

So did you pull the video, or did Youtube?

Sally said...

this video makes me want to stop swearing all together

Louis Winthorpe III said...


You really need to watch the "Bart the Lover" episode of the Simpsons from Season 3. If you don't have it, I'll send it to you.

Some highlights:

Maude: Todd, would you like some mixed vegetables?
Todd: Hell, no!
Ned+Maude+Rod: [gasp!]
Maude: What did you say?
Todd: I said I didn't want any damn vegetables.
Ned: All right, that's it, young man. No Bible stories for you tonight!
Todd: [leaves, crying]


Ned: Homer, I'm afriad I've got a bone to pick with you.
Homer: Look, if it's about the camcorder, I lost it, okay?
Ned: I'm talking about your, heh heh, potty-mouth.
Homer: What the hell are you talking about?
Ned: All of us pull a few `boners' now and then, go off `half-cocked', make `asses' of ourselves. I don't want to be `hard on' you... I just wish you wouldn't curse in front of my boy.