Friday, August 31, 2007

Thousands Standing Around

I've never been a fan of the TSA. It's the one jobs program to result out of Bush's so-called War on Terror. It's an incompetent organization that is reactionary at best and an infringement on privacy at its worst. They certainly cause unnecessary hassle at the airport following their ridiculous "remove your shoes" and "no more than 3 ozs of liquid per bottle enclosed in a 1-quart ziploc bag".

Travelling alone, they're an annoyance. I only remove shoes when told and never smile at these folks...sure, they're just doing their job, but in my mind they can find a job that serves the greater good. Traveling with small children, they're a downright nuisance. No TSA "officer" "agent" or whatever the fuck they're called is authorized to make a common sense decision. They're useless automatons that follow policies and procedures developed in response to the latest Al Qaeda reject's failed plot, such as the shoe-removal and liquid policies. On our trip Tuesday, I had to not only empty my pockets and put my shit up on the table, I had to remove Jack from the stroller...of course he begins running around. That's a pain in the ass, since no one in the airport has a sense of humor...they probably think he's a baby terrorist trying to jump through the checkpoint. Once I grab him, I'm told that he can't wear shoes...I guess his baby flipflops could be used by a baby terrorist to make a baby bomb. What the Fuck? Reminds me of a trip through Reagan Airport w/ Carter when I asked a question about these senseless checks on the baby. Some dumbshit behind me starts talking about the "shit he saw in Nam with Charlie using babies". What the Fuck? Do I look like VC? Are we to suspect all to be terrorists unless proven otherwise? A terrorist with half a brain could defeat TSA's doubt about that.

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