Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lemond's First Ride

After nearly a month of sitting in the basement, and aside from the occasional trainer "ride", the Lemond has finally hit the streets.  Have ridden both days this week.  This is the first time since late January, where I've been able to ride on consecutive days.
Here's my commute log since I started working in Northern VA back in September.  Hopefully it will stay dry enough for me to rack up some more 400-500 mile months on the commuter route.  If I rode every day this month (a 31-day month starting on Monday), I could get a maximum of 598 miles...that won't happen due to leave, but a 400-500 mile month is reasonable. Of course, rain and snow are forecasted for tonight.  I should just man-up (it is Mustache March after all, the most manly month of the year) and ride in the rain...but then I'd have to clean the bike.  I'm already sitting better than February, and November's numbers are within grasp this week...I'm really just happy to be back on the bike instead of the metro/bus combo.
The Lemond is running smooth...haven't detected any problems with my mechanical skills yet.  I was fearing that the crank would fall off somewhere on Eisenhower Avenue, causing me to fall in the middle of angry traffic rushing to the Patent and Trademark Office...those PTO folks can be some angry, aggressive, and distracted drivers. 
I also was able to crack open a new toy Monday...the Garmin Edge 500.  After years of riding stat-free, or relying on my Garmin ForeRunner (running GPS) which had numerous bike fails, I now have bike dedicated stats.  Graphs to follow, once I start downloading. 

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