Monday, December 14, 2009

Bad Luck and Ommegang Vos

Today, I:

1) Slid on a patch of ice, barely kept the bike upright
2) Watch band broke before I went for a run
3) Left work to find a flat tire on my bike
4) Inadvertently snapped the cable on my rear cantilever brake as I was fixing the flat.
5) Simultaneously dropped one of my rear blinking lights, causing it to be non-functional

After all that, I almost threw in the towel on the ride home. But, I felt kinda weird about jumping on the metro in full bike regalia. So, I decided to noodle down the bike path sans rear brake to the local bike shop. It was a slow day at the shop, and all the employees were drinking Coors Light. Apparently, I was the only customer of the day. They must've felt sorry for me, so they didn't charge for the labor. One bright spot of the day was that I had a kickass slice of pizza from the Italian Store while I waited.

Bike was repaired by 5:30...about the time I'm normally getting home. The bike shop was 2 miles in the opposite direction of my home, so I now had 15 miles to ride through the darkness. Awesome...time to test out the 900 lumens on my helmet light. Aside from nearly hitting a few non-reflective Ipoded runners on the Mt. Vernon trail, the ride was uneventful. I did see riders sporting every possible lighting and reflective combination on the trail...gave me some new ideas.

A day like that calls for a good beer. Weapon of choice was Ommegang's Rare Vos, an amber Belgian Ale. Very refreshing. I've yet to find a flaw with an Ommegang brew. Another A+.

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