Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Aloha State Games

This weekend I participated in the Aloha State Games Cycling Event--Tour of Wahiawa.

Lining up for the Time Trial.  These pre-race exams are getting old.

Starting the Road Race.  Should've been my strongest event, but I dropped my chain on the 3rd lap, losing the lead group.  Too bad, since I felt pretty strong at that point.  By the time I got going again, they were way up the road...with only a few miles to go, I knew it would be a challenge.  Since I now had a good excuse in hand, I gave up.

Thrilled to be finished.

Since this is my last TT in Hawaii, I can pack up the aero bars...woohoo!

Wasn't able to replicate the success on the Big Island.  Part of the reason may be that I raced Senior Men instead of Master Men.  The cutoff for Masters on the Big Island was 30, and it's 35 on Oahu.  Although I may not be of Master's age, I'm definitely at the Master's phase of life...married, kids, etc.  Had fun though, and was able to hang in both the crit and road race (until the mechanical issue).

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