Monday, July 27, 2009

Back on the Sauce

Went off the sauce for a couple of weeks back in June. Sometime around 4th of July, I fell off the wagon. Celebrated by picking up a few beers I've never tried. Too busy/lazy to blog over the past month, so I'm posting them all in one big post. Don't remember the specific prices, but I do remember buying a $25 six pack.

Hite Black Beer Stout--certainly not part of the $25 six-pack. In Korea, Hite is to OB as Miller is to Anheuser-Busch. It's the #2 mass market beer in Korea. Actually, I think all beer in Korea is mass market, as I've never seen a Korean fact, pretty much everything in Korea could be considered mass market. As stouts go, this beer was not bad. As Korean beers go, this was damn good. It's a solid B.
Kapitel Waton Pater Ale--I'll never remember the name of this one. Was a good Belgian Ale...on par with Chimay. A.
Chimay...I'm ashamed to say I had never tried the king of Belgian beers. Good stuff that lives up to its hype. A.
Read Seal Ale--brewed by North Coast Brewery. Drank this 3 weeks ago...not very memorable, so I'll give it a B-.
Sierra Nevada's Kellerweis Hefeweizen...very good Hefeweizen. I haven' seen it in a six-pack yet, but will buy more when I do. A.

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