Monday, February 18, 2008

You Go Girl!

After I decided the Red Bull wasn't scary, I decided to sample a few other energy drinks. Saw this one in the grocery today. It's apparently a women's specific energy drink with an appetite suppressant. Go Girl has a glowing red color. Although it's sugar free, the artificial sweetener is so concentrated, making for a supersweet concoction. The taste was horrible. I'd rather freebase Splenda.


Keith said...

Yes, but artificial sweeteners are the new SIN. Haven't you read they cause the body to still go into calorie saving mode as the taste of sweet in the mouth trigges a response.

Anyway I'm trying to swear off the things -- make that trying to swear off diet coke, and no one said that's easy!

Strap said...

i've been off the artificial sweeteners for about 4 years...the stuff is poison

jon said...

Pff. Hippie. Artificial sweeteners make you taller, tanner, and smarter.