Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Left Behind: Chapter 4...still in awe of the rapture

After that action packed Chapter 1, Left Behind's coming up weak. It's getting really repetitive...Rayford's realizing he's a self-centered man, Lahaye won't shut up about how Buck Williams is a hot-shot young reporter, and folks everywhere are realizing everyone's disappeared. Even a few are calling it the rapture. Here are a few notes from the chapter...

We learn a little more about Nicolae Carpathia...this guy's a badass. He's some politician in Romania. He speaks a bunch of language and wants world peace...sounds like Satan to me.

We learn that Rayford's son is named Raymie...both Raymie and Rayford's wife have been raptured.

Page 63: "one of the women behind the counter hollered at him that he'd have to unplug" Can't say I've ever seen the word hollered in a book.

Rayford makes it to his home and noticed that his radio was on, tuned to the Christian radio station, which was still on the air. How does a Christian radio station operate during rapture conditions?


I was in a Christian book store a couple weeks ago, with nothing much to do. I perused the Left Behind section. If you're looking for children's gifts, there's the Left Behind Kids series. If the reading is too hard, you can watch one of the great movies starring Kirk Cameron, in his best performance since 'Growing Pains'. I also decided to skip ahead, reading the jacket of one of the later novels in the series, and I discovered that Nicolae Carpathia becomes Global Community Supreme Potentate.


Keith said...

We're only on chapter 4? How many more have we got here?

Actually I think the name Carpathia just shows how unimaginative LaHaye as it's the name of a mountain range that runs through Eastern Europe including Romania.

Strap said...

we've got a long ways to go...this would be much quicker if i actually liked the book. it's a very easy read.

how about Rayford's son Raymie? that's pretty damn unimaginative.