Sunday, September 23, 2007

West Coast

Went on a ride yesterday up the west coast of Oahu, from Kapolei to Kaena Point (about a 55 mile round trip). After riding around the island a few weeks ago, this was the last unexplored major road for me on the island. I sure wasn't missing anything. Most of the roads on Oahu suck...covered in Heineken glass and full of potholes. The roads on the west side have even more Heineken glass and more dangerous hazards. There were several burned up cars that could easily pass for vehicle-borne IEDs, washing machines, bags of trash, stray dogs, etc...all along the side of the road and covering the shoulder. A group ride requires extra-vigilance for this crap, not to mention a bit of defensive riding is necessary to protect yourself from the folks that cruise these roads. The lead rider has to be on his toes calling out all the junk for the rest of the riders. At one point, we (a group of about 10) come up on a piece of fresh roadkill (a cat). The leader doesn't call it out. Most of the folks swerve to miss it, except the guy in front of me who rides right over the middle...his tires spat up a chunk of cat that hits the top of my helmet.

Wish I had the camera to get a picture of this other side of Hawaii. I'd bring it next time, but I highly doubt I'll do this ride again.

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Louis Winthorpe III said...

Guess you'll have to add a camera to your regular required riding gear...