Friday, November 12, 2010


last saturday, i was suddenly awakened by crusty crawling up my back leg. i jumped out of bed, and in my most masculine voice yelled "what the F?"...actually it was a high pitched "ehhh!" according to Sonya's account of the situation. anyhow, i quickly grabbed crusty and put her in the cage. knowing that baby bootsy, new bootsy, or rebootsy, was still running around, i was unable to get any sound sleep.

first thing in the morning, we blamed the boys for leaving the open, knowing that the lack of opposable digits prevents the rats from opening the cage. in nearly a year, crusty has never proven capable.

later in the week, we caught baby bootsy in the act, proving that rats are smart, and opposable digits are overrated.

so, it wasn't the boys, or the ghost that jack blamed. bootsy is the cage opener. i owe both the boys and jack's ghost an apology.

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