Saturday, June 12, 2010

Trip to the Valley

This was from over a month ago...but here are a few highlights.

1.) Rode my first adult trike. Although not the fastest ride out there, it has its merits:

a. Can ride in sandals.
b. Can haul 2 kids easily
c. Can hold a beer while keeping one hand on the bars.

2.) It was unseasonably cold, and windy, so we didn't take our tent and opted for plan b. Camper cabin at Jellystone. We ate some great Kalbi.
3.) Met this cat...he was a talkative fellow. He had this drum kit car inside his U-Haul, played classic rock and could talk your ear off.

4.) On the way out, stopped at Barrel Oak Winery in Delaplane. Nice place, with great views of the mountains. We had some organic burgers from Local Sixfortyseven. Highly recommended. Liked it so much that Sonya now follows this food truck regularly...we came back to Barrel Oak later in the month, and followed them out to Fairfax another weekend.

5.) The lowlight of the weekend. Uncle Bucks in Luray. Rolling through town on Sunday morning to meet Howard for a ride, I was looking for coffee. The only place open in town was Uncle Buck's. I decided that a place serving "Redneck Benedict" was no place for a lycra-clad man to step foot in, I opted for no coffee. Later on, Sonya tried to eat there with the boys. She was ignored for a couple of hours and was basically refused service. Nice.

6.) Got in 65 miles on some lightly traveled rolling roads in the valley with a couple of big climbs. Great ride. Thanks to Howard for showing me around.

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