Sunday, June 13, 2010

Air Force Crystal Ride

Rode the "Crystal Ride"...the non-competitive portion of the AF Cycling Classic.

Rider's of all shapes and sizes showed up....everything from strong members of the racing community, down to the Freddiest of all Freds.
This rider, whose name is probably "Doris"...the female derivative Fred lined up near the front. She was all decked out with hydration pack, headlights on both helmet and handlebar, blinky lights on bike, helmet, and hydration pack. Not visible in this pic is the pannier on the right side of her bike.
The guy on the high wheel bike was quite the hit. The first time we lapped him, the front group gave him quite a few cheers. Riding a Madone at 12mph is Fredish, but riding a high wheel bike takes balls and some pretty strong legs to make it up the hills.

It was hot, humid, and the roads were shitty. Ended up doing 63 miles in something under 3 hours. Was still a good time, and at times felt more like a race than a "people's ride."

Followed up the ride with a trip to Costco where I chowed down on a hot dog and coke...then a trip to the water park where I got to check out all the latest tattoos on the 19-year-old baby's mammas...and 30 something year old baby's mamma's mammas.

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