Friday, January 8, 2010

On Tuques

From 1998-2003, weightlifting was my primary means of fitness....I knew the lingo, was familiar with the fashion, knew the etiquette. Overall, I felt pretty comfortable in the gym.

After several years of not lifting weights, I recently decided to use my Gold's Gym membership and lift a little. I know that if I avoid the gym for much longer, I'll develop permanent bitch tits and will have a hell of a time working those off when I hit 40. Plus, I have a lot of free time at work, it's too cold to head out to Hain's Point for the lunch time ride, and I can only run the Mt Vernon trail so many times before it gets boring.

So, I'm easing back into the gym by:

1) Avoiding peak hours...really don't want to "work in" with a guy who's benching 300 lbs while I'm struggling with 115
2) Starting with only Nautilus machines, slowly integrating free weights
3) Limiting the workouts to about 30-40 minutes so I'm not too sore.

Yeah, if I had a time machine in 2000, and fast forwarded to 2010, I'd definitely kick my 2010 ass. Good thing I'm a much faster runner now than in 2000, so I'd make a quick getaway.

One thing I'm not up to speed on is the current gym culture and attire. The music hasn't changed much (mainly rap), but the attire has changed significantly. Back in the day, folks were functional attire only. Most dudes had some sort of cut up sleeveless shirt and basic shorts. Today I noticed guys are making more of a fashion statement with clothes that don't seem to be all that functional. There were about 5 other guys in the free weight area today...none of them were working out together, but they all looked basically the same, wearing:

1) Extra long shorts...looked like board shorts
2) Ed Hardy Shirts

I'm not sure why they all were sporting the Tuque. Did some rapper or NFL star wear a tuque in the gym? Are they all paying umbrage to The Edge? What's the function of the Tuque in a heated gym? Does your head get cold when your squatting more than 100 lbs? Can a skinny guy like me get away with wearing a tuque in the gym? Is not wearing a tuque similar to riding a bicycle in gym shorts and sneakers? Am I a Gold's Gym Fred?

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