Thursday, August 27, 2009

Starr Hill Box Set

Discovered a great beer last week. Went to lunch and had an IPA from Starr Hill Brewery out of Charlottesville. An outstanding A+ on draft. After lunch, stopped at Total Wine & More in Fredericksburg...their collection blows away any beer store in Hawaii. Saw that Starr Hill had a sampler, so picked it up. All 4 beers were great...favorite was the Pale Ale....too bad the IPA wasn't in this pack.

Pale Ale-A, PQ=44
Jomo Lager-A-, PQ=41
The Love (Hefeweizen)-A (really smooth for a Hefe...the banana/clove taste wasn't overpowering like I find in a lot of American Hefeweizens), PQ=44
Amber Ale-A-, PQ=41

At $12.99, this was a great deal.

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