Tuesday, March 24, 2009

past couple of days

Friday--Went to promotion party, drank a few beers, forced to drink a shot of vodka, then survived a mountain bike ride in the dark.

Saturday--2 x Climb Tantalus...uneventful. Sweat out the last Sam Adams at the top of the first climb, then felt decent for the 2nd.

Sunday--Team Time Trial...super windy, with sand blowing in the eyes for a short period. Finished in 1:04:30 (about the same as last year), taking 2nd in the Mixed 72+ category (same as last year)

--Went to the beach in Waikiki. Carter and I watched some Japanese teenagers cover one of their friends in sand. They put boobies on him, fashioning nipples out of cigarette butts. They also crafted some very detailed genitalia out of sand. They put a lot of effort into the sand schlong and sand balls. Carter was fascinated.

Monday--Blew off my run at 4am...went at 4pm. 10 miles into it, had some large dogs scare the shit out of me on the bike path. 11 miles, I roll into a park to refill the water bottle...large crowd of locals. Someone calls me a haole, so I leave without water. 13 miles into it, I need to go to the bathroom...14.5 miles, I'm turtling...15 miles, run into McDonald's, find the bathroom door locked....decide I can hold it until I see the next bathroom, slow down drastically....16.9 miles, find the first bathroom on Hickam, then I finish the last 1.1 miles. Miserable time.

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