Wednesday, May 30, 2012

chasing mr. broiler

discovered Strava recently.  it's a website that takes your GPS tracks from workouts and allows you to compete against other similarly wired individuals along known courses or segments.  users create the segment, so if you're not KOM (king of the mountain) on any published segments, you can create your own until you're a KOM somewhere.

one thing that's simultaneously good and bad with Strava is that it makes every ride a race.  it's hard to ride through a known segment and not throw down to earn the KOM.  i find myself occasionally rushing in a commute to earn a KOM or at least boot my standing.

there's a fellow by the name of mr. broiler that seems to be the local king of Strava.  if you follow his rides, he appears to do a lot of short rides hitting all the known Strava segment in the area.  he's flying on the mount vernon trail.  have managed to come close a few times, but this bike path hero is moving way too fast for me.

he's one of the few on Strava that rides with a nom de guerre.  i use my real name.  not sure of the rationale for a name like broiler.  is he into chickens? or is he riding so fast that he's broiling hot?  no clue.  all i know is that i have a week to catch the broiler man on a few of these rides.

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Raymo853 said...

Please don't chase his records on bi paths. I suspect Mr Broiler is one of these self centered people that think it is acceptable to go by people at 30 mph on a path with a 15 mph speed limit.