Sunday, July 3, 2011


it's been 2 years since my last good placing in a bike race

last year, coulda, shoulda, woulda taken 2nd or 3rd.

much better weather this year, and i had a better strategy....keep the bike moving.

last year, the nutrition plan was good. showed up with the same stuff.

started out much stronger, throwing down 58 minute laps for the first 2. i passed a couple guys in my category. checked the standings this time, noticed i was in a strong 2nd place. didn't take a break until after 3 laps when i saw sonya and the boys near the pit area. they told me that ants had invaded my cooler. i was down to only 1 peanut butter and nutella sandwich to get me through the race. i salvaged a sandwich, shoved it in my face and took off for 2 more laps. cramps set in during lap 5. took a short pit. at that point i mentally checked out of the race. only thing that kept me going was the standings. top 3 guys within a 15 minute spread. shoved some chips in my mouth, ate an ant-infested pb & nutella and headed back out barely clinging onto 2nd. pit again after lap 6. saw i was in 3rd...dude must've passed me while i was pitting. was now walking more climbs. sonya was back at the pit area after lap 8 with a caramel frappucino and a sandwich i requested. frappucino was the perfect blend of sweet, cold and new goto endurance drink. sandwich made me want to puke. almost quit. sonya asked what i'd win, and i admitted that i was destroying my body for a pint glass and a $30 gift certificate. at this point, i was in a solid 3rd, but i knew the 4th place guy would have a chance at going out for a 9th lap. if i rode at a consistent pace, i could start my 10th lap before the 7pm cutoff and go for the win. lap 8 was a slog, and i knew that lap 9 couldn't be much better and 10 would be painful. so, i went out a littler slower than usual, knowing i wouldn't be caught by #4, but fighting the temptation to score a glass with a #1 or #2 on it. came across the line at 7:04 pm with 9 laps, just missing the cutoff. one guy did 10, so i coulda pushed it a little harder and done a 10th lap for 2nd...but beer and pizza was calling my name.

haven't touched a bike in over a week, the longest riding drought in a couple of years. that one completely destroyed my body. now that i proved something to myself...mainly that i'm crazy enough to turn my body inside out for another pint glass...i can go back to riding on relay teams.

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