Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Plantation Trail

Last week, I got in some "real" mountain biking out in Davis, WV. I started at Canaan Valley State Park on some park trails, on to the Allegheny Trail and then a forest road to the end of the famous Plantation Trail.
The Plantation Trail was a mix of rocks and a thick mud bog. The vegetation was quite beautiful, but the terrain was not forgiving. I think I wasn't riding in the preferred direction. After 3.6 miles of the 8-mile trail, I decided to bail out on the Lindy Run trail. Quite a few rock gardens were on this trail, like the one above which was one of the more rideable. The one below is a rock garden/ mud bog containing moss covered rocks. Needless to say, it was a bit more challenging.
The Allegheny Trail was very similar with the added bonus of some significant climbs.
I didn't see another rider on my 4-hour ride. I did see one set of tracks probably from the day prior. The ride definitely feels remote, unlike riding in a suburban park. The trails are also deep in bear country, and I saw a lot of bear crap, and a set of tracks on the trail. Additionally, I had no cell service on much of the ride. So, after a few hours of riding, I thought it wise to bail onto the forest road. I also think I rode Plantation in the wrong direction...didn't seem to be any "flow" to the trail the way I went. It was fun riding out there...the 4hours felt like 10, as the terrain beat the crap out of me.

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